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Google My Business (GMB) Certification

Google My Business (GMB) Certification

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If you’re looking for the nearest coffee shop in Novato, you don’t want a search engine to tell you names and locations of coffee shops in San Francisco. The same goes if you’re looking for a plumber in San Francisco – results listing the services of professionals in Miami and in France are useless. Instead, you need a local search engine results page (commonly referred to as a Local SERP).

 Now, if you’re a coffee shop owner or a dentist that does business in Novato, you surely don’t want Google to show your website to users in Las Vegas – after all, those people aren’t your potential customers. As a local business, you need to make sure that local customers can find your site in the local results on Google. It won’t be good for your business if your site isn’t listed in the local results but your competitors are.

The first thing you’ll notice about the local results is the map and that it features listings within your general or specified area. Google lists the top 3 ranked local businesses that provide the product(s)/service(s) being sought. They can see additional local businesses by clicking the “View More” button. So, if a Google user is in Novato and they’re looking for a gym, they’ll see only Google’s top 3 Novato gyms listed.

Google’s top 3 ranked businesses will be shown in all local Google searches for that product(s)/service(s).

By helping a local business rank higher in local Google searches for their product(s)/service(s), we will dramatically increase the number of website visits or calls a business receives.


Your business website has one job to do: Draw in prospects who are looking for your product(s)/service(s) AND give them a compelling and obvious reason to either buy right now or to leave their information so you can contact them later.

If you do not have a business website or your website is not achieving its main goal, we can build you a website or we can make changes to your current website (based upon YOUR goals and budget).

We aim to increase your sales while providing satisfaction to your potential customers. Our end goal isn’t to create a beautiful website. We want to design a website that #1 ranks high enough in local Google searches to maximize lead generation and sales opportunities and #2 satisfies your website visitors.

We’re committed to exceeding each client’s goals and expectations by designing simple, eye-pleasing websites that drive sales!

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