Book Recommended To Help Local Businesses Reach Complete Domination Online

Here’s a great book on driving local traffic to your business.

I love this book because it focuses on total market domination for it’s clients to set them apart from their competitors in their service/product area and to elevate their status as an industry expert and obvious choice for service.

The book is called Complete Domination For Local Business Online by James Farnham. 

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Want to drive more local traffic to your door step?

Running a business is an exciting prospect but how do you keep foot traffic coming through the doors.  A recent Small Business Administration study reports that local businesses are increasing in number at an unprecedented rate.  Sine the early 90’s, large corporations have reduced the amount of jobs they offer by 4 million and local businesses have added 8 million new ones.

The overall number of local businesses has increased 49%, and this equates to almost 12 million new enterprises throughout the US.  This means that local businesses are experiencing greater competition for customers, clients or patients than ever before.

So what’s a local business owner to do?

This exciting new book is here to save the day.  Complete Domination for Local Business Online will make it much easier to attract new customers while also keeping your existing ones coming back buying more, all while increasing profits at the same time.

Within the pages of this fabulous resource, you will fin chapter on things like;

  • Spreading the word about your business
  • Getting your share of the local market
  • Building a great website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • How to use YouTube to market your business
  • And a whole lot more…

From branding to email marketing, blogging and managing your reputation.  Complete Domination For Local Business Online will give you exactly what it says on the cover.

And with the additional input of the 11 essential things you must do to successfully market your business and a bonus section, you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you’ll ever need to make sure you get your slice of the cake.

A New Era: How The Internet Became Local

Businesses of all types and scopes are jus stating to become aware of what a small percentage of early adopters already know; Internet and mobile device platforms have revolutionized marketing. Thanks to high-speed wireless networks, mobile devices, communications software, and social platforms, marketing has been transformed into a largely digital discipline for local businesses.

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